Corinthian, we barely knew ye

So, no more Corinthian.

New product apparently expected towards the end of 2008.

1) New product will be based on Unicorn. Will moving from Horizon to Unicorn be no easier than moving from Horizon to another vendor’s ILS…. will it be harder than moving to Evergreen?

2) Prior to the end of 2008, will we have a few more more succesful implementations of open source ILSs, in libraries comparable to our own, to give our own timid libraries enough confidence to make that move? Fall 2008 instead of Summer 2007, the previous (well, the latest previous) Corinthian release date—gives us more time.

The biggest winner of this announcement is Evergreen and Koha.

Oh, and all the rest of us too. Sometimes the only way to get off the sinking ship is to be pushed.

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