CCQ 43:3/4 on Semantic Web

I’m finally getting around to looking at the Cataloging and Classification Quarterly vol. 43 iss. 3/4. It’s a special issue on semantic web technologies for libraries. I think it could be really good background reading for the discussions some of us are trying to have.

It looks like it’s got some great stuff in it! I recommend everyone take a look. I am particularly excited to read “Library Cards for the 21st Century” by Charles McCathieNevile and Eva Méndez:

“This paper presents several reflections on the traditional card catalogues and RDF (Resourc Description Framework), which is “the” standard for creating the Semantic Web… The central theme of the discussion is resource description as a discipline that could be based on RDF. RDF is explained as a very simple grammar, using metadata and ontologies for semantic search and access. RDF has the ability to enhance 21st century libraries and support metadata interoperability in digital libraries, while maintaining the expressive power that was available to librarians when catalogues were physical artefacts.”

Haven’t read it yet, looking forward to. (I still say that almost all libraries in 2007 are ‘digital libraries’)

My library has online access to CCQ via Haworth Press.

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