Tor and off-campus testing

Do you have software that works differently with an IP range recognized as ‘on campus’ than ‘off campus’? Such as, say, your database vendors websites? Or your proxies? Or other local software.

I do. It’s a pain to test, or to reproduce someone’s problem when there’s a problem report.

Tor (the onion router) works great for this!  It’s a package actually intended to allow anonymous web surfing by redirecting your web traffic all over the place, but that means your traffic appears to be from somewhere else, which is what I needed to appear to be ‘off campus’ for testing. The windows installer worked fairly flawlessly (I had to install the Firefox plugin manually for some reason, even though the installer was supposed to do it). It’s great!

Thanks to jaron on #code4lib for the idea.


One thought on “Tor and off-campus testing

  1. This is interesting. I have been using “Logmein” to connect to my computer at home in order to test database access from outside our campus network. This does work, and I have found additional advantages to being able to operate my home computer remotely, but this sounds a little simpler.

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