ILS satisfaction survey

Check out Marshal Breeding’s survey results, from his survey which mostly focused from my reading on various kinds of ILS satisfaction.

Horizon is near the bottom of every satisfaction question, and Horizon libararies are near the top of “would your library consider open source”. Hmm, coincidence? And what’s up with only half of Horizon customers expressing interest in migrating to another system soon? Have they not gotten the news? Do the other believe that SD is going to extend support indefinitely, or plan on running without support (in either case, never getting a new version?). I am curious what’s up with those 50% of Horizon customers who do not plan on migrating to another system!

The very top of “would your libary consider open source” is Voyager customers; another ILS whose customers seem to believe that their product’s current owner will be abandoning it (despite the owner’s protestations to the contrary).

And what’s up with Polaris and Library Solutions customers having such high satisfaction? Neither are products most of us even consider. What do their respective customer bases look like? I wonder if they are products well-customized for particular niches that may not include most of us? I don’t think I know anyone that works at a library with Polaris or Library Solutions.

III’s relatively high satisfaction has me suspicious though. It doesn’t match my anecdotal knowledge. The folks I know who work at libraries with III are not especially satisfied compared to those of us who have other systems.


3 thoughts on “ILS satisfaction survey”

  1. As noted by Ross, in fact Voyager customers are most likely to want to switch to OSS, Polaris customers *least* likely.

    After going through an RFP process a few years ago at a public library which included Polaris, I can say both its staff module functionality and the tight management integration with Microsoft server software were impressive. Not a lot of the need to “reinvent the wheel” that you see with cross-platform products. I could see the appeal, especially for an all-MS IT shop. (Although in that case the powers that be selected Horizon from “market leader” SirsiDynix!).

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