Salivating over authority data

From the LCCN permalink FAQ:

Are LCCN Permalinks available for Library of Congress authority records?
Not at this time, but the Library is exploring options for adding this functionality.

Now that would actually be huge. If my software can look up an authority LCCN, and get back MARCXML for the complete MARC authority, it would make it so much easier to do so much more with authorities in software that handles existing bib records.

Now, provide me a machine-actionable interface where I can keyword search the authorities too (including LCSH and NAF), and I’d be able to do so much.

3 thoughts on “Salivating over authority data

  1. Hmm, I think it might be, interesting.

    Since apparently LCCNs can be presented in several different forms, it looks like you might need to guess which form it’s in to retrieve it from that service. As opposed to LCCN permalink which wisely ‘normalizes’ the LCCN string according to the previously clever schemed worked out for info:lccn.

    But that’s worth playing around with more, thanks for the pointer.

  2. There’s a problem with a lot of the LCCNs on – duplicates, missed updates, etc, which might be the source of the problem.

    The authority hack to voyager than LC makes generating permanent links a little harder (there’s no single-step path to an authority record display; you have to establish a session, then synthesize the request).

    It should be possible to build a stateful gateway that took care of this (the session can be reused – session set up in voyager is appallingly slow).

    It may require using 001 instead of the LCCN


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