Identity woes: Google docs enterprise accounts?

So rsinger creates some slides in Google Docs. He tries to send me an invitation to view those slides.

I get this login, which I’ve never seen before:


” Welcome to Johns Hopkins Universtiy documents and spreadsheets program, powered by Google.”

There’s some kind of Google Docs enterprise account? (Which spells “Universtiy” wrong?). [I don’t know if it’s recognizing me by IP, or by the fact that the email address I have associated with my google accounts, and which rsinger tried to invite, is But here’s the problem, it won’t recognize any of my existing Google accounts. None of them. So I note that it insists my username is “”. I try my JHU Single Sign-On. No dice either. (And now feel like an idiot, because I just got ‘phished’ by Google—our SSO credentials should never be entered anywhere except the enterprise sign-on form). It offers me the ability to create a new account, which I’m scared to do, because having multiple Google accounts is _exactly_ what has led to this kind of headache for me in the past. (Google tools are continually torturing me with identity issues like this, this is not new).

Ah, but look, it offers a “forgot your username or password?” link (which sometimes showed up for me and sometimes didn’t). Maybe that will at least tell me what the heck account it’s looking for, and maybe even how to recover my credentials:


No such luck. Sometimes I hate computers. Anyone know what the heck is going on, and how i look at rsinger’s slides? Should I complain to someone at my central IT about this? (what the heck is up with the mispelling of university, man!). (At first I was worried they were taking this from my google scholar link resolver registration without telling me; since that kind of mis-spelling is the kind of thing I’d do! But checked my google scholar institution registration, no mis-spelling. So it’s not from my stuff.)

This also shows the dangers of relying for so much on a product which offers you no tech support whatsover (not even an open source communty which knows how the product works). There’s basically nothing I can do here. How frustrating!


2 thoughts on “Identity woes: Google docs enterprise accounts?”

  1. I had this exactly experience the other day, trying to view something a fellow student posted to Google Docs–suddenly it was Simmons College Google Docs, and I couldn’t get in! If you find anything out, please do post it! :-)

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