Columbus for Code4lib2009

Annoying electoral plug (Don’t worry, I won’t mention Obama):

The more I think about it, the more I think Columbus is the best location
for Code4Lib conference 2009.

Yes, if I were picking a vacation destination, I’d pick Providence. And that’s certainly a part of picking a conference location, honestly. Although after my coast-to-coast flight to get to Portland, I got off the plane thinking the conf should always be in the middle of the country to spare anyone that awful experience.

But more than geographical/city location, I think the fact that Columbus has got FOUR sponsoring organizations is HUGE. In an all volunteer-run conference like this, that means we can count on that volunteer labor. And these are four big well-resourced organizations, which had letters of commitment from top-level management. To me, that means we can count on a great conference. I think that’s really huge, and for me makes Columbus without a doubt the most desirable location.

The one question I have after attending 07 and 08 conference that isn’t on the proposals–what kind of Big Room can you get us for our ‘plenary’ session, which is the heart of the conference? Last year in Athens the room was just perfect–we had both desks in front of us and a tiered floor which gave everyone a view. And captain’s chairs. The lecture-style seating this year where you have no desk in front of you, no view, and are elbow-to-elbow with your fellow attendees (which combined, is not good for my RSI) is pretty awful by comparison. So I propose for 2010 voting, proposers specifically talk about what the space for ‘plenary’ style meeting is. But I have more faith that the combined four organization power of a columbus sponsorship could find such a space.

So my campaign endorsement: Vote Columbus for Code4Lib 2009.

PS: You know another REALLY GOOD reason to have it in Columbus? Imagine the impact of 200 Code4Libbers being present in person to tell OCLC what they think is required for OCLC to truly act in the interests of OCLC’s member/ownersHuge. Perhaps the best reason yet in fact.

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