rails debugging

I know other rails devs read this blog. I LOVE ruby-prof.  It rocks. You have to use the ‘graph’ profile to really get it’s power, in default mode it doesn’t do much.  I haven’t even tried it yet with KCachegrind visualization, haven’t had the energy to go over THAT learning curve. Like everything else in the Rails world, there’s a bit of a learning curve to figure it out–for me, mainly in finding the right documentation. Which was that excellent blog post referenced above. After there, it flowed smoothly.

It’s really helping me figure out where the bottlenecks are Umlaut resolve action.

The query_trace plugin is pretty great too.

And, in that vein, I still don’t understand how some of my fellow coders get along without ruby-debug. But if I were better at conscientiously writing the unit tests I should be writing, maybe I wouldn’t be using ruby-debug so much.


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