“Freedom Summer of Code”

Freedom Summer of Code is a summer-of-code-style distributed collaboration for technology projects benefiting radical/progressive movements. Exciting idea.


(en) Riseup Labs is excited to announce the Freedom Summer of Code! We aim to advance critical movement technology projects and tools that benefit a wide-variety of radical social justice organizations and movements.


Modeled after the successful Google Summer of Code, the Freedom Summer of Code adds a radical social justice twist. We will be working with select tech activist organizations to generate interesting ideas as well as help people develop several projects over the next three months.

The [Freedom Summer of Code -> https://we.riseup.net/fsoc] aims to advance critical movement technology projects and tools that benefit a wide-variety of radical social justice organizations and movements; inspire developers to become more interested in directly participating in social-justice tech organizations; contributes back, for the benefit of all, to the free software world which sustains us while simultaneously honoring individual’s labor; increases the social ownership and democratic control over information, ideas, technology, and the means of communication; empowers organizations and individuals to use technology in struggles for liberation. We are developing software that is geared specifically to the needs of network organizing and democratic collaboration, providing new services that greatl enhance your security and privacy.

Consider this is a call-out!

To get started, think about how you would like to participate. Regardless of your technical skills, we need your help and have numerous ways to plug into FSoC:

* We want your proposals, dream big! Submit any and all politically important technology project proposals for and by the radical tech community! Individuals, or organizations, can submit ideas for what they would like to see done during FSoC. We will collect these proposals and put them online for potential programmers to check out.

* Interested organizations should sign up: we want your organization to join FSoC, to not just submit project ideas, but also be an organizational contact person who can act as a facilitator if your project/organization is chosen.

* Do you want to participate? Come apply to the program, submit an individual project proposal, and when the time comes, you can pick projects that you are interested in working on.

* We also need facilitators, you are encouraged to apply to help individual participants through the process.

To learn about what kinds of things we are looking for, how to submit a proposal, to sign up as participating organization/facilitator or to apply as a participant in the first FSoC, come visit the [Freedom Summer of Code site -> https://we.riseup.net/fsoc].


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