custom code4lib google search engine: another late night idea

Interesting small project, maybe I’ll find time, but if someone beat me to it I’d be happy.  Make a piece of software that checks the delicious feed for tag code4lib and automatically adds everything it finds to a custom google search engine.

Bingo, a search engine of content code4libbers find useful. People sometimes tag things they think of interest to other codelibbers withthe “code4lib” tag, so they’ll show up in the planet automatically. What if you could add something of interest to code4libbers to a search engine?

The possibilities of this technique of delicious->custom google search engine seem awfully intersting, and a ‘code4lib’ search engine a good demonstration that should be very useful to code4libbers.


One thought on “custom code4lib google search engine: another late night idea”

  1. Just remember that Google Custom Search does not always find all results for a search. We have been blogging about this for almost a year on ResourceShelf.

    Deep inside the Google CSE documentation you’ll find the info.

    Here’s the RS post from August, 2007.

    See second item here:


    direct at:


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