More threading in Rails

Threading in Rails is a topic where the interest outstrips the actual availability of any information. As evidenced by the fact that my blog post here on that topic consistently is the most accessed page on this blog–if any of these viewers take a look at the rest of my blog, they must be thoroughly confused by the esoteric library geek content.

Andrea Wright has prepared an annotated slideshow on current options and situations regarding what the multi-core world means for Rails (the sky is not in fact falling), and what various current and just-ahead options for concurrenct programming (of interest to some of us for reasons aside from multi-cores) in Rails exist: Multi-Core Hysteria: FUD about CRUD. The slideshow was prepared for a session she presented as RailsConf.

I found it useful mainly in understanding current options and community conventional wisdom on concurrent programming–a topic which sometimes I feel like the Rails community doesn’t care about at all, but glad to have Andrea show me that some parts do and give me details.  Also, several possible problems with trying to thread in Rails are explained that I believe may explain some mysterious occasional bugs I see in my logs.

Also, while I normally hate trying to read a slideshow as if it were an essay, Andrea provides sufficient narrative annotations here (and written in text, not even audio!) that it’s good reading. Thanks Andrea!


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