weird high google ranking, lead to malicious traffic?

So, weirdly, a page of documentation for Umlaut has gotten very highly google ranked for the search “html api javascript”  It’s #1 or #2 depending on when I search. And on the first ten for just “api javascript“. Bwah?  (If I could do this on purpose, I could probably make lots of money).

So that attracted lots of bots spamming the wiki page. Thanks to Ryan Wick for noticing that, restoring the page, and protecting it so you need a login to edit, and noticing that the high google rank was what was drawing the spambots.

But that page had on it a link to my umlaut link resolver.

I wonder if malicious spiders were following that link, following all the other links on there, leading to my A-Z list, with, if the spider could do javascript, would lead to catalog links, which then load umlaut again…. and I wonder if that is what’s causing the serious load on my umlaut server these days, and instabiilty of my catalog server?

Nah, that’s probably too crazy. My umlaut server is probably just plain under-powered and under load (got to seperate MySQL to it’s own server). And my catalog software is probably (probably?) just crappy unstable proprietary software.

But there’s some mystery to why my catalog server has become so much less stable than it used to be. And why the umlaut server is under so much more load than it used to.

If I actually kept my logs and could compare current umlaut traffic to previous, it might be a clue, but I don’t, and I really have no idea what reasonable traffic on it is. The ajax in the background stuff does lead to lots of http requests.

Well, first step moving MySQL to a seperate server. And first step for the catalog is continuing to hate it.


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