WorldCat Registry competitor

The WorldCat Registry is still a product ahead of a time, filling a very clear need to me, but still early on the adoption curve, and without OCLC giving much resources to it. But it appears to already have a competitor.

The below text was sent to me by a colleague, and I’m not sure if it’s on the public web anywhere, but the service itself can be accessed here (after registering, which I haven’t done):

Ringgold has compiled a database of over 115,000 institutions that subscribe to academic journals. Each of these has been given a unique number, the Ringgold Identifier, which is being used by publishers and other vendors to unambiguously identify their customers and support the journal supply chain. Communication between subscribers, agents, publishers, distributors and hosting services is simplified by the use of a single number which can be tracked at any point.

The Identify Look-up service is a free service which allows anyone who registers to see an institution, and its related organizations, expressed in a hierarchical relationship. Searching is either by the Ringgold Identifier, or by any part of the institutional name.

Additional information is provided through a subscription-based service that allows access to the detailed metadata about each institution and its
consortial relationships.


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