Xerxes/Metalib embedded in a subject guide

Hopkins just rolled out some subject guides on the LibGuides platform. Many of them are really excellent. I wasn’t really involved in this project, my colleagues Sean Hannan and Liz Uzelac deserve the credit.

But it shows off Xerxes’s embedding features. Using a Xerxes embed generator you can easily customize which parts of a Xerxes subject you want to embed, and then get codes to make it so. Also available for individual databases.

See, for example, the Education guide in LibGuides. On the main page, that section “Search the Core Education Resources”, that’s Xerxes. Or click on the “Online Resources” tab to get an even longer version of a Xerxes embed, listing all databases assigned to the subject in Xerxes/Metalib. (We sure do like to assign lots of databases to a subject at Hopkins).

Over on the “Books and E-Books” tab you can see an example of an individual database listing embedded from Xerxes. That listing for WorldCat under “Find Books in Other libraries” is from Xerxes. Click on the little (i) info button to prove it. The title and description both are from Xerxes, and will automatically change on this page if changed in Xerxes/Metalib. The url for the item goes through Xerxes, and Xerxes will redirect to actual WorldCat URL, first sending you through our EZProxy (Xerxes takes care of it) if the resources is configured to require such.  As this FirstSearch-platform WorldCat is.

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