ToC service

Interesting new apparently cross-publisher Table of Contents service, apparently funded by JISC.

If only they had an API, then I could actually do something with it.And a contact email address somewhere on the web page so I could ask them about that wouldn’t hurt. They seem to be anonymous. Weird.

Keeping up-to-date with the scholarly literature just became much easier, thanks to a new service called ticTOCs – Journal Tables of Contents Service.

8 thoughts on “ToC service

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for mentioning ticTOCs. An API is coming, as are some other features. We’re not anonymous (e.g. there’s ) – but the feedback form is currently a bit hidden! It will become visable as soon as the webmaster recovers from being ill.

    Roddy MacLeod
    ticTOCs Management Support

  2. Yes, ticTOCs is a JISC-funded project (until the end of February 2009), and yes it is cross-publisher (414 of them at the last count). APIs are currently in development and should be available in early 2009. We aim to implement APIs to query ticTOCs by ISSN and DDC (as supplied by Ulrichs) as well as by title. You are welcome to contact us for more details.

    We appreciate that the feedback form is pretty well hidden on our Help page at the moment. A Contact Us link should be appearing on the navigation bar very soon, linking to

  3. Nice! This is immediately helpful for some of the LibGuides content we’re putting together. Here’s hoping the feeds play nice with the Yahoo Pipes thing Sean built to route feeds through the proxy…

    When there is an API, there will be a pack of us interested to see how it can be leveraged.

  4. One issue with the feed is that it supplies links to the publisher-supplied content. In the case of a journal that is online from more than one platform, the link from the TicTOC feed may not be accessible to our patrons, but the same article might be accessible elsewhere.

    It would be nice if TicTOC could somehow supply an OpenURL to the appropriate institutional link resolver (like Find It)—or, with an API, I could potentially do that myself on top of TicTOC–so long as the feed or API gives me structured citation information (vol, issue, page number, year).

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