free mini-icons at famfamfam

Do you know about the ‘famfamfam’ collection of freely useable 16×16 icons?  They are very professional and slick using, and I use them all the time for my web application needs. The addition of some small icons in the right place can make everything much clearer and more useable. Thanks to Mark James for creating these and licensing them to the public for free use.

famfamfam is around 1000 icons, filling most typical application control needs. But every once in a while I need something that isn’t in the famfamfam collection, and then I realize… I don’t have the skill to make a nice looking icon!

Anyone know of any other good free mini-icon collections I should know about?

a few famfamfam samples to give you the flavor:


One thought on “free mini-icons at famfamfam

  1. I think the famfamfam ones are the best I’ve found, but here are some other links from my delicious: (some not free)

    One thing I wish I could find is slightly larger icons. Some of the icons in these collections strain my eyes, and I’m a lot younger than many of our users…


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