Google Books and periodicals

Suddenly, a lot more periodicals are showing up in Google Book Search.

In advanced search you can even choose if you want to search ‘books’, ‘magazines’, or both.  And in the search results, periodical results show up labelled ‘Magazine’ instead of ‘Book’.

This includes actual individual article metadata–almost always with fulltext!

So Google ‘books’ now has a significant amount of article-level fulltext in it.

Did I miss an announcement somewhere? Anyone have more info on this? Are these just materials scanned from the library program?  But they are mostly popular magazines; and the GBS Settlement with the publishers didn’t, I don’t think, cover any magazine/periodical content, right?


2 thoughts on “Google Books and periodicals”

  1. Yeah, there was an announcement a couple of weeks ago on their various blogs. As for the details of the agreement, I don’t know if the actual agreement has been released. (Maybe it has, I jus really don’t know.).

    I suspect that these are NOT the result of magazines scanned by the library program. From what I understand from institutions already working on it most of the focus has been on monographs. I’m not sure if the information from our catalogs could be easily translated into the info available from google. Also I haven’t yet run across anything that would reveal a library scan such as barcodes, shortened margins, etc.

    I’d guess that it was a special project, perhaps using archives from the publishers or only certain libraries.

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