i love google calculator

And it’s built in dimensional analysis.

Gee, how long will take my OPAC indexer to index 3 million odd records at 53 records per second?

3168106 /  (53 per second)

I got an answer in hours, which means I did it right. If I accidentally guessed multiplication instead of division there, I’d get an answer in megahertz, and that would be a good clue that I didn’t do it right. :)

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3 Responses to i love google calculator

  1. What is significant about this (Google Calculator, etc.) is that it provides answers to questions, unlike many library-related applications which (merely) provide pointers to answers. Library “catalogs” could provide answers if we (librarians) were to design them to do so. –ELM

  2. jrochkind says:

    Eric, what’s your vision of a catlaog that provides answers? What I’m imagining is a very challeninging task that would take more than just deciding to try in order to succeed!

  3. Dave Pattern says:

    Our OPAC used to know the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything ;-D


    …sadly, it looks like it’s forgotten the answer now (I’ll have to check to see why the code isn’t working)

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