Umlaut and Juice

Some people may have heard of the Talis-sponsored  Juice project.  It is a pretty cool software.

Umlaut actually approaches the same problem space as Juice, in a similar way (along with doing a lot more).

Umlaut is both a bit more complicated (the actual business logic runs on server, not javascript; js can still insert the output into your OPAC or other interface though), and in my opinion a lot more powerful. But yeah, more complicated too. :)

Through Umlaut, I am currently including in my catalog:

  • Google Books fulltext, search, and limited preview
  • Amazon search and limited preview
  • OpenLibrary fulltext
  • HathiLibrary fulltext and limited preview
  • Links to Ulrichs; Worldcat Identities; (coming soon) Journal Citation Reports

Entered from the link resolver end, with article-level metadata, Umlaut also provides ISI and Scopus “cited by” and other links (coming soon). And some other stuff.

Umlaut’s definitely a heavier-weight piece of software, more of a commitment. But it does cover the same basic use scenario as Juice, plus a lot more.

You could theoretically use Umlaut without a <strikeout>link resolver</strikeout> traditional journal-based link resolver knowledge base to just provide title-level services like Juice does.


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