Anyone know what SerSol is doing with Rails?

Like the title says, anyone know what Serial Solutions is doing with Ruby on Rails?  Maybe the Summon UI is going to be Rails? Ah, answering my own question now that I read the excerpt completely ‘will be creating open source software modules.’ Yeah, that’s gotta be the Summon UI, I’m thinking.

Interesting, I don’t know if this will be hosted or client-run, but Rails apps are kind of (half-unfairly, half-fairly) generally thought of as being neither scalable (for hosted) nor easy to deploy (for local not-especially-tech-savvy library running locally).  Still, I like Rails (compared to the alternatives; please never again make me work on a complex app written in PHP), and am happy to have more of it in the library sector.

From a job ad I saw on my former library school’s listserv I’m still susbscribed to:

Serials Solutions is looking to fill some Seattle openings ASAP…. We’re looking for:

–Ruby on Rails Developer
–Content/Data QA contractor (experienced with published content) –Software Engineer (content ingestion – xquery, xpath, XML transforms, etc)

Any leads, referrals or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Interested candidates can contact John Law.

John Law
Vice President, Discovery Services
Serials Solutions

And from the attached job description:

Title:  Ruby on Rails Developer

Responsibilities of this role are to be a collaborating developer of Ruby on Rails user interfaces.  One user interface interacts with a series of web-based services that power a large-scale search application and the other to support internal operations for ingest of hundreds of content sources.   This programmer will be creating open source software modules using Ruby and Java.

Experience Required:
•    B.S. in Computer Science (or equivalent degree)
•    1+ years in demonstrated experiences in building secure and scalable Ruby on Rails web applications
•    3+ years of commercial experience in software development
•    Strong core programming experience (C/C++/Java)
•    Understanding of web 2.0 concepts
•    In depth knowledge of Ajax, CSS, JavaScript and other front end technologies
•    Strong Apache, Tomcat, Linux, Postgres (or MySQL) experience
•    Knowledge of cross-browser, cross-platform client application development

Other Relevant Experience:
•    Well versed in Agile development practices
•    A passion for developing robust, extensible, well-written software
•    Experience with developing open source applications
•    Version control experience with SVN
•    Familiarity with XML, RSS, and an understanding of applying transformations to data sets
•    Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

One thought on “Anyone know what SerSol is doing with Rails?

  1. Jonathan – you are correct that the Summon UI is built from Ruby on Rails. We fully plan to release the Summon UI as an open source application, allowing Summon customers to host their own UI application and customize it to their heart’s content.
    We have registered Summon as a RubyGem on RubyForge. We haven’t yet released the code – but you will most likely be able to find it here in the future.

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