A plea: SirsiDynix makes (for now) two (or maybe three) ILSs

SirsiDynix makes Unicorn. SirsiDyinx also makes Horizon.  SirsiDynix also makes Symphony, which you could call the new version of Unicorn or you could call it yet another ILS.

For some reason Unicorn customers are in the habit of referring to their software as “SirsiDynix”.  I guess when just talking among themselves, this is fine if this is what they want to do.

But when you put this in comments in open source code I’m reading, it makes things REALLY confusing. Does “SirsiDynix” mean Unicorn or Horizon?  I guess usually Unicorn.  But it makes me have to stop  and analyze whenever I see this in comments or variable names in code I’m working on, or in a post on a listserv I find via google or see via my subscription, or whatever.

We Horizon customers have a “SirsiDynix” product too!  Fellow ILS hackers,  if you remember this, and write “Unicorn” instead, it will make things a lot less confusing for me.


4 thoughts on “A plea: SirsiDynix makes (for now) two (or maybe three) ILSs”

  1. Hear, hear! Along the same lines: “Ex Libris” could be Voyager or ALEPH. Equinox is not the same thing as Evergreen.

    There may be a deeper observation here — somebody consistently using the company’s name instead of the product’s name to refer to the software may not care much about the tool per se or is more interested in how well the company supports it.

  2. Absolutely! It makes total sense. I suppose we (the customers of Dynix) were use to having to clarify which ILS we were talking about since there is Dynix and Horizon.

  3. I’m pretty careful to write Unicorn when that’s what I mean, although just about everyone in-house refers to it as “Sirsi” (we’ve been on Unicorn since 1996 so this whole /Dynix addition is a new habit no one got into) — and to add to the confusion, most people here saying “Sirsi” actually mean WorkFlows (the client), not Unicorn!

  4. It’s the nature of the beast. However, Toyota makes a Celica, a Corolla, and Camry. If I owned two of these vehicles I wouldn’t just say, “Today I’m driving my Toyota.” No one would know which car I was talking about. The same holds true for ILS’s. There are different platforms and versions, as well as different companies altogether. We users need to be more clear when discussing this software with our peers. BTW, SirsiDynix Symphony is awesome! It is a combination of Horizon, Unicorn, Dynix Classic, and even some DRA Classic features all included in one ILS. It’s the best system out there!

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