google accounts driving me crazy

My google account(s) have been driving me crazy for a while. I think I found a hint as to why:

Why am I seeing the message “Oops. A calendar already exists…” when I access Google Calendar?

If you’ve recently signed up for Google Apps with the same email address associated with your Google Calendar, you’ll be redirected to an error message page when accessing

It’s not possible to have a Google Apps Account and a non-hosted Google Account both using the same email address. Don’t fret though, your non-hosted Google Calendar hasn’t disappeared forever. You’ll just need to make some changes in order to access your Google Calendar.

To gain access to your non-hosted Google Calendar, go to the Google Apps for Administrators Help Center here and follow the steps to change the email address associated with your Google Account to something not containing your domain name or an existing Google Account. Once you’ve changed the email address, you should be able to access both your Google Apps Calendar and your non-hosted Google Calendar normally.

Okay, the problem statement matches me. But I don’t understand their solution at all. They want me to change the email address of…. which of my Google Accounts? I think the trick is I’ve somehow ended up with TWO Google Accounts, but both with the same email addr username. Which one I’m logged in to at any given time is anyone’s guess.  The help center links just links the top level help page, I have no idea what instructions they mean in particular.

Man, Google, you are awful sometimes.


One thought on “google accounts driving me crazy”

  1. I just wanted a separate account for Google play – just for mobile devices. My other gmail account is for work – don’t want them mixed up. But Google went ahead and mixed them up anyway. I can’t login to google play from my desktop, because google just ignores the Play email address and instead logs me into Play using my business address – but off course it is empty.

    Tried everything, Google just deliberately overrides what I want, with what I thinks I should have. Today I have finally had to admit defeat, Google wins, I am not allowed to use my other Google accounts. I have never been a fan of Apply – but I think they have done way better than Google with getting thier stuff to work together.

    To be honest with the arrogance and incompetence they have displayed with multiple accounts, Google has gone from folk-hero to annoying-zero.

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