LCCN assignment error?

I can’t give you a “deep link” to search results, but go to, choose “guided search”, select “LCCN number” and search for: 48006847

You get two results with the same LCCN, no? Is this an accidental LCCN collision? Is there something I’m not understanding?

The fact that one of them has an ‘a’ on the front does not prevent this from being a collision, because under LCCN normalization rules, those two strings end up being the same LCCN.

Any explanation? Something I’m missing? Anyone know any way to report this to LC?

4 thoughts on “LCCN assignment error?

  1. As I mentioned in my post, there are LC-provided normalization rules for transforming LCCNs to a normalized form. If two LCCN’s normalize to the same form, they are considered the same.

    I _thought_ these two LCCNs normalized to the same form, but upon looking more carefully, I’m not sure they do. I need to investigate further.

    LC normalization rules can be found here:

  2. Jonathan — leading letters aren’t discarded in the normalization process. Here’s some ruby code to do the normalization:

    module LCCN
    def normalize str
    str.gsub! /\s+/, ”
    str.gsub! /\/.*$/, ”
    front,back = str.split(‘-‘)
    if back and back =~ /\S/
    back = ‘%06d’ % back.to_i
    return front + back
    return front

    module_function :normalize

  3. Aha! Well, this error (dropping the ‘a’ on the LCCN when it shouldn’t be) appears to be widespread, I _think_ it may even be in the OCLC master record. But my skills at figuring out what’s in OCLC master records when they are fields that aren’t easily exposed in are lacking. I’ll let my catalogers deal with it. Thanks all!

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