Rails3 is out!

If you didn’t already hear. For real apparently!


Just a couple days ago I looked, and there were still a buncha significant outstanding tickets, and I figured, oh well, it’ll be a while. But apparently… something happened.

Um, apparently the something is that they postponed a bunch of those tickets to 3.01 instead.  Which isn’t neccesarily unreasonable, if they decided they weren’t in fact show-stoppers.  But there was a promise at RailsConf,  that they’d get ActiveRelation performing as well as legacy ActiveRecord before a 3.0 release.  I am unclear on whether this promise was taken back, or fulfilled.

In other less whiny, news the Rails team has asked that if users want to show financial appreciation, they donate to Charity:Water. I like this idea. As far as I can tell, it’s a pretty good organization (I liked their answers to their FAQs 17, 18, 20), and I know clean water is a good and important cause. I gave some bucks, I encourage you to. Use the Rails link above so the donation gets credited to Team Rails Users.


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