umlaut architecture slides

I gave an internal presentation on umlaut’s architecture. Sorry, it wasn’t recorded, and all I’ve got are these slides — and the way I do slides,  I don’t think they are actually very readable/informative/useful  in isolation by themselves, without my accompanying lecture.  But just for posterity, here are the slides from my presentation today, in PDF format.

It was sort of an experiment in presenting about systems architecture, why we do things the way we do, what trade-offs there are, what things are made possible, etc. — to a non-technical audience.  IT systems are so integral to almost all of the libraries business these days, that I think it’s good for non-IT staff to be exposed to this stuff too, so they understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, and can think about how the library can use our tools to do more things. I think that experimentation was largely successful, the non-technical audience seemed to be overall engaged and comprehending.


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