Amazon Product Advertising API requires AssociateTag now

According to this announcement, the Amazon Product Advertising API will change October 25 2011, to require sending an Associate Tag with every request.

In the past, they’ve sent out mass email sometimes when this API changes to all registered users, but this time I only found out about it because, my application just started erroring. Like just now, within the past couple hours, I think. Even though it’s only October 18, not October 25.

So be warned!

Okay then, guess I better get an Affiliate ID.  This is a bit annoying, because I certainly don’t want to receive any money from an Affiliate ID — this use is at work at an academic library, I couldn’t take any money myself, and it’s really not worth the beaurocracy to figure out how to have this money go to library, when it probably won’t be very much money, and we don’t really want a profit motive to send things to Amazon. We just want to use the Amazon API to get details on books and Amazon availability.

But okay then!

I don’t think any of the other API changes will effect me, although I’m a bit worried about “Selected ItemAttributes that are not relevant to the broader product advertising use case will be deprecated”, not sure if that even applies to my use case, but if it does, and means that some data that I use will be going away (cover image? Citation metadata?), that would be inconvenient.


6 thoughts on “Amazon Product Advertising API requires AssociateTag now”

  1. (So it turns out it’s possible to sign up for the Affiliates program without specifying a payment method. “You will also need to specify a payment method in order for us to send you your money. You can do this anytime you like from Associates Central.” So if I just never do that, presumably I’ll never have to worry about getting money I don’t want! Was also able to sign up specifying the name of my employer as the beneficiery of this money we don’t want to get.)

  2. It also appears, for what it’s worth, you can supply whatever you want as AssociateTag, it doesn’t actually need to be registered, you just need to supply some string. Who knows if that will stay that way.

  3. I just ran into the same problem with my app as well, and thankfully I stumbled upon your post. It was stumping me, but updating my AmazonEC2 PHP class and providing the associate tag did the trick!

  4. Thank you for the post. I’m using AWS like you.
    jrochkind remark was extremely helpful.
    Now DagobertDuck is my AssociateID and it works ;-))

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