Free SSL cert from StartSSL?

Did you know you could get a free SSL cert, that is, I think, trusted by all modern browsers, from StartSSL? I didn’t.

You can’t get a free wildcart cert, which is probably what a library or other enterprise IT organization would need. We’re using DigiCert here for a wildcard cert, their prices are decent, and their self-support website is pretty darn nice (unlike that crazy 1990’s looking limited-feature StartSSL one, heh).

These days, I think just about every web app should probably be https only — if it’s got a login feature, and you want to make the login secure and the logged-in sessions not hijackable, it’s pretty much the only way to go. . (And remember to set those cookies to secure=>true).

Discovered the free cert from StartSSL in this doc, about all the things you can get wrong even if you are using https, heh.

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