stack map feature live in our catalog

We’ve gone live with a feature to show you a floor map with star on it, of where to find items in the stacks.

This is only available on items in one of our locations at the moment (albeit our largest), and not neccesarily every item in there either. Here’s a search which gives you some examples. 

This is powered by However, you’ll note we opted not to use their out-of-the-box javascript, instead coding up the UI ourselves using their API. While there is some Javascript involved, so we can check for and return the map on-demand only when asked for, the actual work of communicating with their API is done server-side in our implementation, not via AJAX (or AJAJson as the case may be) as in their suggested implementation.

I am still old-school and prefer only doing what is neccesary for the UI in Javascript, and keeping business logic server-side.  Among other things, this gives us a fine non-JS degredation (right-click and “open in new tab” on one of the “Map” buttons to see a map with no Javascript being involved at all).

We have been relatively happy with for this feature; while we were not using it quite how they intended, the JSON API they provide is flexible enough to use however you like. To be sure, they are missing some features we’d like (like an API for reading and updating registered ‘locations’ and call number mappings), but it worked out. We had to use a few other features in ways not quite like they intended to fully represent our very weird local systems, which worked out too.   They also provided invaluable help in actual on-the-ground charting of our call number locations.


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