another attempt at academic search?

I noticed this new web app,, posted on Hacker News, here’s the comments thread. 

You know, like Google Scholar or MSN Academic, but another thing.

Haven’t spent much time with it to see who’s behind it, how good it is, or how exactly it deals with the all important “getting you to fulltext even though most scholarly fulltext is behind paywalls” issue.

I did think it notable that  it’s default page uses a two-column “bento style” interface, with articles on one side and authors on the other.


2 thoughts on “another attempt at academic search?

  1. It is a startup team affiliated with Georgia Tech, and it’s still very much in beta. I’ve been talking with one of the folks involved, and it’s currently only indexing Computer and Information Science materials from CiteSeerX, as their end goal is to create a tool using open source information that helps users discover works by collaborators and colleagues of authors of relevant papers. Kind of a Google Scholar but more open and with more options to locate relevant papers by people doing similar work.

    It looks like the developers are responding to comments on the Hacker News thread. For now, I suggest keeping an eye on that space!

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