Google Analytics: Hey, there actually are good docs!

Google Analytics is really useful for analyzing your users usage of your web apps.

But it’s so complicated/powerful, that randomly clicking around in the GA admin screen trying to figure out what it can do and how to use it appropriately — well, I think most people don’t have much success that way. For us library folks, it doesn’t help that the ‘golden path’ use case for GA is often asking about commercial questions that aren’t relevant to us, or at least require making some conceptual analogies to understand how they map to the sorts of questions we have.

Ironically, I find it pretty hard to google for docs on google services themselves, I seldom find good docs.  Which sometimes leads me to conclude that google simply doesn’t have good docs. I’m not really sure how often that’s true!

But until just now, I hadn’t succeeded in finding good docs for Google Analytics, especially docs of the overview-of-features-and-how-to-use-em variety.  But on some blog (sorry, forget which one now) I found this link, and it turns out it’s pretty great, I understand GA and how to use it effectively for what I need so much better now.

Google Analytics IQ Lessons

First super useful thing I discovered “virtual page views” — they’re like “events”, but different, check it out.


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