NISO discovery system final(?) report

There’s a NISO Open Discovery Initiative, ” formed to develop a recommended practice related to the index-based discovery services for libraries. The ODI aims to investigate and improve the ecosystem surrounding these discovery services, with a goal of broader participation of content providers and increased transparency to libraries.”

They did a survey of libraries using ‘discovery’ products (by which I think they mean aggregated index products, which include both scholarly citation and local holdings metadata).

They have a “final report”…. or at least a report in a PDF whose URL includes “report final”, but then the email announcing the report also says “please note that the full set of recommendations from the ODI Working Group is still underway and will be available in draft form for comment a few months from now” …so I guess it’s a preliminary report, not a final report?

Here’s a direct URL for the actual PDF, instead of the URL included in the announcement email which still leaves you 2-3 confusing clicks away from actually reading the report:

I haven’t read it yet; if anyone else has, please share your thoughts.

I will admit that my interest in fitting reading it into my schedule waned due to their disclosure that the report wasn’t “final”, at all, but in a few months we’d get “draft form”, and then an actual final one sometime after that? NISO committee, your target audience is busy and has limited and divided attention; if you want maximum impact, I’d suggest minimizing the amount of times you send email blasts to announcing a single actual report that you most want people to read.


One thought on “NISO discovery system final(?) report”

  1. Jonathan, the report here is summarizing a survey of constituents that was conducted last fall. This survey provides input for the subgroups that are working to create the final recommended practices (which is planned to be available in draft form for comments before it is finally published). In the original request for survey input, ODI promised that the survey results would be made available separately. So this report is in the spirit of informing and thanking those who provided information.
    Sorry if this wasn’t clear in the email I composed for all the lists last week.
    Best regards.

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