Umlaut gets dressed up

Umlaut is the open source more-than-a-link-resolver/link-resolver-front-end/just-in-time aggregator of “last mile” specific-citation services.

The upcoming 3.1.0 release of Umlaut has a majorly reworked visual design. It’s based on bootstrap, and scales down well on smaller/mobile screens. (Which is maybe a bit odd, because most of the vendor platforms Umlaut will lead a user to do not currently work so well on small/mobile screens. Oh well.)


I bet nobody else has got a link resolver page as pretty, slick, and generally great looking at this, eh?

Scot Dalton from NYU has been a committer on Umlaut for a while now, and gets a lot of the credit for the upgrade. He got the ball rolling and well within sight of the goal posts, did a lot of the unpleasant heavy-lifting, several other mixed metaphors too, and kept bugging me until I integrated his work, at which point I polished off the UI a bit more.

While it’s not in a release yet, haven’t even tagged an alpha/beta yet, the visual redesign is in git master.  Umlaut installers can point directly to master in github in their Gemfiles to get a preview look; current Umlaut users may want to start taking a look.

You can also look at some examples on my own demo server, as of now (17 April 2013), but this isn’t guaranteed to keep working forever.

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