Umlaut 3.1.0 released, with new Bootstrap-based visual design

I like to be confident that open source code I wrote is pretty stable and robust before recommending that others use it.

So I usually try to run any new code, or new versions of existing code, in production myself for a couple weeks before actually releasing it as a stable release.

I’ve been running Umlaut 3.1.0 in production for a couple weeks now. Some minor problems found by reviewing the logs for uncaught excpetions, and fixed. It’s ready for a release.

Umlaut is an open source aggregator of “last mile”services, working with your link resolver and other services to provide consolidated and efficient discovery/delivery service provision.

Umlaut 3.1.0 has now been released. Please see the release notes, especially if upgrading from a previous version of umlaut.

The major change is a complete overhaul of the visual design, based on bootstrap, and small-screen friendly. Thanks again to Scot Dalton from NYU for the initiative to make the Bootstrap-based redesign finally happen.


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