Another gem packaging of chosen.js for rails asset pipeline

chosen-rails already existed as a gem to package chosen.js assets for the Rails asset pipeline.

But I was having trouble getting it to work right, not sure why, but it appeared to be related to the compass dependency.

The compass dependency is actually in the original chosen.js source too — chosen.js is originally written in SASS. And chosen-rails is trying to use the original chosen.js source.

I made a fork which instead uses the post-compiled pure JS and CSS from the chosen.js release, rather than it’s source. (Well, it has to customize the CSS a bit to change referenced url()s to Rails asset pipeline asset-url() calls.)

I’ve called it chosen_assets. (rubygems; github).  Seems to be working well for me.


One thought on “Another gem packaging of chosen.js for rails asset pipeline”

  1. Thanks, I can use chosen without compass now. A couple things. There is an chosen 1.2 now. And I can’t add an issue because your repo is a fork.

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