Thank you again, Edward Snowden

According to this Reuters article, the NSA intentionally weakened encryption in popular encryption software from the company RSA.

They did this because they wanted to make sure they could continue eavesdropping on us all, but in the process they made us more vulnerable to eavesdropping from other attackers too. Once you put in a backdoor, anyone else that figures it out can access it too, it wasn’t some kind of NSA-only backdoor.  I bet, for instance, China’s hackers and mathematicians are as clever as ours.

“We could have been more sceptical of NSA’s intentions,” RSA Chief Technologist Sam Curry told Reuters. “We trusted them because they are charged with security for the U.S. government and U.S. critical infrastructure.”

I’m not sure if I believe him — the $10 million NSA paid RSA for inserting the mathematical backdoors probably did a lot to assuage their skepticism too. What did they think NSA was paying for?

On the other hand, sure, the NSA is charged with improving our security, and does have expertise in that.  It was fairly reasonable to think that’s what they were doing. Suggesting they were intentionally putting some backdoors in instead would have probably got you called paranoid… pre-Snowden.  Not anymore.

It is thanks only to Edward Snowden that nobody will be making that mistake again for a long time. Edward Snowden, thank you for your service.


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