Google Scholar Alerts notifies me of a citation to me

So I still vainly subscribe to Google Scholar Alerts results on my name, although the service doesn’t work too well today. 

Today (after retrurning from summer vacation), I found an alert in my inbox to Googlization of Libraries edited by edited by William Miller, Rita Pellen. 

Except oddly, the Google Books version wasn’t searchable so I could find where my name was mentioned. (But clearly Google has/had text at one point to generate the alert for me!).  

But the Amazon copy was searchable. Amazon doesn’t let you copy and paste from books, but I’ll retype. 

Of course, some aspects of this comparison do not fit. For example, it is unlikely that the existence of Google Scholar is going to “dumb down” research (It might, however, make possible the distribution of less reputable research, unfinished manuscripts, etc. Scholars like Jonathan Rochkind have explored this concept. [32]).

From Standing on the Shoulders of Libraries by Charlie Potter in, Googlization of Libraries, edited by William Miller and Rita Pellen, Routledge 2009. Page 18. 

I don’t actually recall exploring that concept.  Let’s see what the cite is…  doh, the page of citations for that chapter isn’t included in the Amazon preview. Let’s see Google… afraid not, Google wouldn’t show me the page either. 

I wonder how many scholars are doing research like this, from the freely avaiable previews from Google/Amazon, giving up when they run up against the wall.  

Maybe I’ll ILL the book, Amazon search says I’m cited a few more times in other chapters, although it won’t show me them. 

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