Handy introspection for debugging Rails routes

I always forget how to do this, so leave this here partly as a note to myself. From Zobie’s Blog and Mike Blyth’s Stack Overflow answer


 routes = Rails.application.routes
 # figure out what route a path maps to:
 routes.recognize_path "/station/index/42.html"
 #  => {:controller=>"station", :action=>"index", :format=>"html", :id=>"42"}
 # or get a ActionController::RoutingError

 # figure out what url is generated for params, what url corresponds
 # to certain controller/action/parameters...
 r.generate :controller => :station, :action=> :index, :id=>42

If you have an isolated Rails engine mounted, it’s paths seem to not be accessible from the
`Rails.application.routes` router. You may need to try that specific engine’s router, like `Spree::Core::Engine.routes`.

It seems to me there’s got to be a way to get the actual ‘master’ router that’s actually used
for recognizing incoming urls, since there’s got to be one that sends to the mounted engine
routes as appropriate based on paths. But I haven’t figured out how to do that.


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