How to see if current version of a gem is greater than X

I sometimes need to this, and always forget how. I want to see the currently loaded version of a current gem, and see if it’s greater than a certain version X.

Mainly because I’ve monkey-patched that gem, and want to either automatically stop monkey patching it if a future version is installed, or more likely output a warning message “Hey, you probably don’t need to monkey patch this anymore.”

I usually forget the right rubygems API, so I’m leaving this partially as a note to myself.

Here’s how you do it.

# If some_gem_name is at 2.0 or higher, warn that this patch may
# not be needed. Here's a URL to the PR we're back-porting: <URL>
if Gem.loaded_specs["some_gem_name"].version >='2.0')
   msg = "		
   Please check and make sure this patch is still needed\		
  at #{__FILE__}:#{__LINE__}\n\n"		
   $stderr.puts msg		
   Rails.logger.warn msg		

Whenever I do this, I always include the URL to the github PR that implements the fix we’re monkey-patch back-porting, in a comment right by here.

The `$stderr.puts` is there to make sure the warning shows up in the console when running tests.

Unfortunately:"1.4.0.rc1") >="1.4")
# => false

I really want the warning to trigger if I’m using a pre-release too. Hmm.

Aha! Perusing the docs, this seems like it’ll work:

if Gem.loaded_specs["some_gem_name"].version.release >='2.0')

`Gem::Version#release` trims off the prerelease tags.

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