Heroku auto-scaling, and warning, ask first about load testing

Heroku auto-scaling looks like a pretty sweet feature, well-implemented as expected from Heroku. (Haven’t tried it out myself yet, just from the docs).


“We strongly recommend that you simulate the production experience with load testing, and use Threshold Alerting in conjunction with autoscaling to monitor your app’s end-user experience. If you plan to conduct significant load testing, you will need to request written consent from Heroku in advance to prevent being flagged as a denial of service attacker.”

They strongly recommend something that requires written consent from Heroku? That’s very un-heroku-like annoying.

I actually recently did some automated load testing of rubyland.news, as well as a different app I was working on for a client, in order to determine the proper puma workers and threads. I hadn’t seen these docs and it hadn’t occured to me I should notify Heroku first.

My load testing was brief, but who knows what is considered ‘significant’ by Heroku’s automated DoS defenses. Glad I seem to have escaped being flagged. Next time I’ll make sure to request written consent… by, filing a support ticket I guess, as the text links to the support area.


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