bento_search 1.7.0 released

bento_search is the gem for making embedding of external searches in Rails a breeze, focusing on search targets and use cases involving ‘scholarly’ or bibliographic citation results.

Bento_search isn’t dead, it just didn’t need much updating. But thanks to some work for a client using it, I had the opportunity to do some updates.

Bento_search 1.7.0 includes testing under Rails 5 (the earlier versions probably would have worked fine in Rails 5 already), some additional configuration options, a lot more fleshing out of the EDS adapter, and a new ConcurrentSearcher demonstrating proper use of new Rails5 concurrency API.  (the older BentoSearch::MultiSearcher is now deprecated).

See the CHANGES file for full list.

As with all releases of bento_search to date, it should be strictly backwards compatible and an easy upgrade. (Although if you are using Rails earlier than 4.2, I’m not completely confident, as we aren’t currently doing automated testing of those).


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