Salivating over authority data

From the LCCN permalink FAQ:

Are LCCN Permalinks available for Library of Congress authority records?
Not at this time, but the Library is exploring options for adding this functionality.

Now that would actually be huge. If my software can look up an authority LCCN, and get back MARCXML for the complete MARC authority, it would make it so much easier to do so much more with authorities in software that handles existing bib records.

Now, provide me a machine-actionable interface where I can keyword search the authorities too (including LCSH and NAF), and I’d be able to do so much.

LCCN permalink

LCCN permalink. A pretty simple thing, but one that makes so much sense. That LC is providing it encourages one to hope such sensical but not quite as simple things may be in the pipeline too.

Also interesting to note that, as far as I’m aware, this means that LC has beat OCLC to having a persistent URI for a (approximated) manifestation that resolves to a publically accessible structured machine actionable bib record (in choice of formats). That LC did it first surely has as much or more to do with business models than it does with tech. It’s actually gratifying and surprising that LC has done it. Stuart Weibel has surely taken note.