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Concurrency in Rails 5.0

My previous posts on concurrency in ActiveRecord have been some of the most popular on this blog (which I’d like to think means concurrency is getting more popular in Rails-land), so I’m going to share what I know about some … Continue reading

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A class_eval monkey-patching pattern with prepend

Yes, it’s best to avoid “monkey-patching” — changing an already loaded ruby class by reopening the class to add or replace methods. But sometimes you’ve got no choice, because a dependency just doesn’t give you the API you need to do … Continue reading

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Rubyland: A new ruby news and blog feed aggregator

So I thought there should be a site aggregating ruby rss/atom feeds. As far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been a really maintained one for a couple years now. So in my spare time on my own, I made one, that worked … Continue reading

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Resolving relative URLs to base in ruby

You ever have to resolve relative URLs in ruby?  I did. It’s not clear if the stdlib URI can do this — I think not, universally. But the awesome addressable gem can — in tested RFC 3986 way nonetheless!  Although it wasn’t … Continue reading

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