Bibliographic Wilderness is a blog by Jonathan Rochkind about library matters of digital systems and services, metadata, cataloging, and our collective effort to help people navigate the ‘information wilderness’ we find ourselves spending increasing time in.

Wilderness isn’t all bad, I rather like wild spaces myself. But, I confess, not too wild, at least not for more than a brief visit.

Jonathan is a systems librarian with an interest in cataloging, who thinks that bibliographic systems designers and catalogers are really both part of the same professional community. This blog is sometimes about cataloging, but other times about programming and software development.

Jonathan can be contacted at jonathan at dnil dot net.

Images in the header are sampled and re-mixed without permission, from left to right:  An abandoned “manor house in England”; A photo from flickr reporting to be ancient academic library ruins in Cambodia; the Cabinet National Library.

All original content on Bibliographic Wilderness is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-BY-SA), unless otherwise noted.

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