Rubyland: A new ruby news and blog feed aggregator

So I thought there should be a site aggregating ruby rss/atom feeds. As far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been a really maintained one for a couple years now.

So in my spare time on my own, I made one, that worked the way I wanted.

The source is open at github.

I’ve got a few more features planned still.

It’s running on a free heroku dyno with a free postgres. This works out — the CPU needs of an RSS aggregator are not very high, so this works out. But it does limit things in some ways, such as no SSL/https.  If any organization is interested in sponsoring rubyland for a modest contribution to pay for hosting costs and make more things possible, get in touch.

Most people seem to approach feed aggregators with a tool that produces static HTML. I decided to make a dynamic site to make certain things possible/easier, and use the tools I knew. But since the content is of course mostly static, there’s a lot of caching going on. Rails fragment caching over the entire page, as well as etags delivered to browsers.

Some other interesting features of the code include: flexbox for responsive display with zero media queries, which was fun (although I think I’ll have to add a media query for the a UI element I’m going to add soon); reddit API for live comments count on /r/ruby; and feedjira providing a great assist in dealing with feed idiosyncracies.

But beyond the code (which was fun to write), I’m hoping the Rubyland aggregator can be a valuable resource for rubyists and help (re-)strenghten the ruby online community, which is in a bit of a weird state these days.


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