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Preservation in a war zone

On the cover of today’s NYTimes (print washington edition) Race in Iraq and Syria to Record and Shield Art Falling to ISIS By ANNE BARNARD MARCH 8, 2015 BAGHDAD — In those areas of Iraq and Syria controlled by the … Continue reading

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Factors to prioritize (IT?) projects in an academic library

Most important: Impact vs. Cost Impact is how many (what portion) of your patrons will be effected; and how profound the benefit may be to their research, teaching, learning. Cost may include hardware or software costs, but for most projects we … Continue reading

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ethical code for software engineering professionals?

Medical professionals have  professional ethical codes. For instance, the psychologists who (it is argued) helped devised improved torture methods for the U.S. government are accused of violating the ethical code of their profession. Do software engineers and others who write … Continue reading

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Be careful of regexes in a unicode world

Check out the following, which I wrote some time ago: See any problem with that? What is \w and \s again? The ruby docs helpfully explain: /\w/ – A word character ([a-zA-Z0-9_]) /\s/ – A whitespace character: /[ \t\r\n\f]/ See … Continue reading

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Ruby threads, gotcha with local vars and shared state

I end up doing a fair amount of work with multi-threading in ruby. (There is some multi-threaded concurrency in Umlaut, bento_search, and traject).  Contrary to some belief, multi-threaded concurrency can be useful even in MRI ruby (which can’t do true … Continue reading

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Control of information is power

And the map is not the territory. From the Guardian, Cracks in the digital map: what the ‘geoweb’ gets wrong about real streets “There’s no such thing as a true map,” says Mark Graham, a senior research fellow at Oxford Internet … Continue reading

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Fraud in scholarly publishing

Should librarianship be a field that studies academic publishing as an endeavor, and works to educate scholars and students to take a critical perspective?  Some librarians are expected/required to publish for career promotion, are investigations in this area something anyone does? … Continue reading

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Notes on oddities of Solr WordDelimiterFilter

A edited version of post I sent to the Blacklight listserv… I have a WordDelimiterFilter configured in my analysis for the ‘text’ type. I thought I originally inherited that from Blacklight suggested configuration, although it doesn’t appear to be there … Continue reading

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debugging apache Passenger without enterprise

I kind of love Passenger for my Rails deployments. It Just Works, it does exactly what it should do, no muss, no fuss.  I use Passenger with apache. I very occasionally have a problem that I am not able to … Continue reading

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“More library mashups”, with Umlaut chapter

I received my author’s copy of More Library Mashups, edited by Nicole Engard.  I notice the publisher’s site is still listing it as “pre-order”, but I think it’s probably available for purchase (in print or e). Publisher’s site (with maybe … Continue reading

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